Wedding Hosting


I curate unique couple & guests experience, mainly based on couple's characters & background, guests demographic, and the venue.

Hence, to facilitate the curation, an average of 12 hours (in-front of audience & behind the scenes) will be dedicated for each couple, and I'm probably the only emcee who will spend so much time with each couple.

There's a chinese proverb "台上三分钟,台下十年功“ (Three minutes on stage, ten years of hard work off stage). This proverb emphasizes that the seemingly effortless performance one sees on stage is actually the result of many years of hard work and practice behind the scenes. It’s a reminder that success is often built on a foundation of hard work and perseverance.

My Philosophy

The journey

Overview of the 5 stages

1. Research about me and complete a quiz (w.e.f 8 August 2023) @ .
2. Share the screenshot of your result screen (min 8 out 10 correct) and your wedding details with me
3. Receive a customised rate. Although, I customise rates, it doesn't mean that I would 'anyhow charge' nor it would be expensive.

Stage 1: Enquiry

Stage 2: Pre-confirmation

If what you read about me make sense to you & your partner and my customised rate is within your expectation, request for  a pre-confirmation meetup with the both of you online or in-person for me to share more about my philosophies and answer your question (if any).

Stage 3: confirmation

If all is good after the pre-confirmation meetup, upon receiving your intent of engaging me, we will enter into an informal agreement with no deposit required.

Stage 4: Info exchange discussion

This discussion will happen about 2 weeks to 1 month before your wedding, when your guests list is finalised. 

About 2.5 hours will be spent to know you, your guests, including understanding your kinship, and friendship with them.
About 1 hour will be dedicated to discuss and finalise your program.
And about 1 hour to interview both of you about your love journey especially the courtship period.

Stage 5: follow up & Actual Day

I will follow up on any outstanding preparation required of you.
And together we look forward to the actual day!

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