'Feel' to me is passion and instinct. 'Feel' is also about emotions and variety.

With passion, I connect with my audience, and evoke their emotions.
With instinct - built from my experiences, I do what I feel right for every moment, making my performances impromptu/unique but seasoned.

To me, an Entertainer/Performer should not limit to be being humorous, but have the ability and willingness to lead audience to sense different emotions. Entertainment should also not be limited to just comedy, there are so much Entertainers/Performers can do. These are some of the reasons why I named my company Feel Entertainment.

As a performer or entrepreneur, I believe I should not limit myself; I can do anything I want to with my life & performing experiences, and my skill sets.

You may consider hiring me as,
- Emcee/Host
- Singer
- Actor
- Voiceover Artist
- Model
- Mascot Artist

it's all about



Hosting since 2008, with over 1100 shows to date, I've accumulated and retained numerous corporate clients. I also managed to accumulate some good reviews from my 'graduated couples, and I'm blessed to be well supported by the graduated brides in several online Brides-to-Be communities.


I received theatre drama training in school via CCAs. With team-work and hard work, my team and I received SYF Drama (JC/CI Category) Gold award in 2004. I am currently taking up acting projects on a part time basis with national broadcaster and had appeared in various TV dramas


I am a graduate from Oceanbutterflies 5th Very Singer Course, and was awarded with Most Popular Male Trainee (voted by trainees and staffs), and Best Class award. I previously sang at wedding banquets, and had performed regularly at 7th Heaven KTV Cafe.

Key Performing Services