Wedding Reception Hosting FAQ

1. Emceeing/Hosting of cos haha! I cover for the whole duration of wedding. I’ll usually reach the venue between 11-11:30am for lunch and 6-6:30pm for dinner. If your solemnisation ceremony and/or tea ceremony is around my time of arrival, I’ll do it for you too, as long as it doesn’t clash with my appointment(s) not too much earlier. Honestly for solemnisation ceremony, JP/Solemniser will do most of the talking, my job is more of organizing and warming up your guests.
2. A face-to-face meet up for me to know both of you better and also to know your guest demographic. (won’t charge you extra fee for this)
3. Coordinating during the wedding with the Banquet Manager, AV, photographers, your brothers and sisters for better flow. If you prefer to me to bring an assistant, I’ll only charge you (additional) what I pay the part-time staff, usually around $60 (PH eves like CNY, Xmas, NY Eve, likely have to pay 50% or 100% more). If you prefer me to bring along a professional AV technician, cost is subjective, usually starts from about $150.
4. Complimentary use of my Ahaslides account to create Kahoot-alike speed quiz (w.e.f. 17 Dec 2021)

Note: Public rate is from $888 onwards. The actual rate depends on some factors like my schedule, popularity of date, venue, style of wedding, number of guests expected, and your additional request(if any). For those who were referred, I offer a range of discounts. I’m doing the discount not to start price war nor for any negative reasons; My intents are simple; making wedding hosting affordable and available to more couples, in turn showing(during weddings) more people the benefits of having one. Of cos it’s also my way to encourage my graduated couples to share more about me - rather than wasting advertisement fee on sponsored posts. I’ll share with you more when we meet.

No, I don’t. I don’t believe in it because every event is unique; very different crowd everytime. I started hosting since 2008, Ive never done or given any showreel/video. Success of every event comes from teamwork, from the staffs at banquet, to your groomsmen, bridesmaids and even the guests have a part to play. We can use our eyes to see a lot of things but there are some things that our eyes can’t see and have to be experienced. Hence I’ve always preferred to be marketed via word of mouth. However, for those who wish to know me a little more, I can whatsapp/email you my portfolio for reference. I encourage you to meet me or take a look at my FB page/IG/FB-Public. I don’t mind meeting over a cup of coffee/tea as long as I’m available. Don’t worry, I won’t charge you for meeting up with me.

The prevailing range of rates I'm offering, are very fair and competitive. You may ask around, thereafter you will very likely agree with me (especially if it’s the discounted rate). I welcome referral, but it would likely be in a form of fee than discount. Currently, I do not have any referral program; the recommendations from graduated brides in forums/private groups, are all done out of their goodwill which I appreciate a lot! 😍

Technically I have no script. I don’t read scripts. During discussion, I will note down details and will thereafter prepare some key pointers on cue cards.

Honestly, you probably saw/will see, some of my ‘nonsenses’ on my FB page or IG and find me speaking Mandarin more than English. FYI Im Cambridge certified B4 for O Levels English and C for A Levels GP hahaha~ I also won Gold Award for SYF English Speech & Drama (JC/CI) in 2004 as an actor. You say leh? 😜
I’m not perfect, I’ve made grammar and enunciation mistakes before. And my ‘England’ don’t have British/American/Australian accent (I’m definitely not ang-mo pai) But I think you can trust my bilingual hosting experiences detailed in my portfolio. 😬
Oh ya, maybe this is a good reference too; my ‘graduated’ couples ain’t all chinese.

I’m all about good hospitality, watchful of traditions/cultures, and sensitive to guest demographic.
The persona I portray during wedding hosting is friendly, engaging, and most importantly sincere. Your ah gong ah ma, daddy mummy, uncles aunties, cousins, nephews nieces, BFFs, friends and colleagues will love me (did I miss out anyone? 😅 only your wifey/hubby can’t love me hahaha) 😂
Wedding is a formal yet intimate event. It’s not a D&D nor Ge Tai. I won’t make your guests feel awkward with silly games, weird dances or yellow jokes. Something that Ive been doing, is sharing of your love story-the courtship, in a light hearted and engaging manner. I’ll tell you more when we meet.

I don’t take deposit, unless otherwise stated or you insist. Yes I’m crazy. I don’t know whether I’ll change this or not, but as long as you don’t bully me, I’ll keep it this way. All I need is your text confirmation (must clearly express your intent hor), with your wedding details stated in it (I have a template for you all to follow). Payment only need to be made at the end of wedding, via cash in red packet (yes just put the fee in the red packet). ⚠️However, cancellation is chargeable; you will need to pay, up to 100% of the agreed fee depending on when(how long more to actual date) you do the cancellation. (⚠️Update: NO cancellation or postponement fee, if due to Covid19.)

Before considering having me as your wedding emcee, you should already know the importance of having an emcee. In my opinion, a good wedding emcee is a good host - a representative on behalf of the couple providing hospitality to the guests publicly. As mentioned above, success of every event requires good teamwork, once you choose me, we are in the same boat/side.
Most of you are first time event planners, its inevitable for some of you to miss out on some details. I hope that you can give me your trust and faith on my wealth of experiences, and that I will help you to achieve a good wedding. Minimally, you should trust that I do everything with your best interest in mind. If you can’t, and prefers a transactional kind of service, please don’t engage me.
Thank you for your time going thru, and if you are ready to confirm, drop me a text and I’ll guide you thru the confirmation process 😉

1) What does your fee includes?

2) Do you have highlights video  or showreel?

3) Can I get further discounts if I refer you to other brides and/or give your service a review?

4) Will you prepare the script?

5) Are you bilingual?

6) How would you describe your style of hosting for weddings?

7) How to confirm your service? How much for deposit? How do we pay you?

⚠️Some very blunt and honest words: