Growing up in my earlier days, having spent 80% time on TV; I wished I could express myself through different roles. To me acting and singing are similar; I put myself into the character I design based on my interpretation of the script or lyrics.

I was honoured to represent my schools, and went on to win Gold Award in Singapore Youth Festival (JC/CI) Drama Competition 2004, and subsequently competed with ACJC & VJC for the Drama of the Year in the 2004 competition's finale, which our team bagged Best Actress.

In 2015, I joined an agency which led me to some cameo opportunities on Mediacorp productions, but after 2 years of having no breakthrough, I decided to leave the agency.

Coincidently, in 2018, after a year of hiatus, I acquainted 2 senior casting managers when having dinner with an industry friend, and after an audition, I eventually signed up to be a freelance part time actor with Mediacorp. It was then I started to have a lot more opportunities. I am never fussy about the roles I get, and I'm happy to have done a diverse range of roles.

I dont't actively go for casting auditions, but I fondly remember one of the projects which was with a group of NAFA Diploma FYP students' production, in which I was casted as one of the 2 protagonists. I was then 34, acting as a 17 years old teenager. Despite the production challenges we faced, we eventually created a very nice love story between 2 teenagers, and the team went on to achieve good grades for their FYP.



Hosting since 2008, with over 900 shows to date, I've accumulated and retained numerous corporate clients. I also managed to accumulate some good reviews from my 'graduated couples, and I'm blessed to be well supported by the graduated brides in several online Brides-to-Be communities.


I received theatre drama training in school via CCAs. With team-work and hard work, my team and I received SYF Drama (JC/CI Category) Gold award in 2004. I am currently taking up acting projects on a part time basis with national broadcaster and had appeared in various TV dramas


I am a graduate from Oceanbutterflies 5th Very Singer Course, and was awarded with Most Popular Male Trainee (voted by trainees and staffs), and Best Class award. I previously sang at wedding banquets, and had performed regularly at 7th Heaven KTV Cafe.