Although, I started performing young, but it was in 2008 that I hosted my first paid gig. To date I've completed more than 1100 shows (including more than 500 weddings). I specialized in FMCG Marketing event (i.e Product Launch, Promotion Roadshows), Wedding celebration, and Grassroots event. My style of hosting is often described as witty, energetic, bubbly knowledgeable and relatable. I enjoy close interaction with my audience.

 For more than a decade, I did not market my services; My clientele and portfolio expanded via referral and retention. I've been blessed to have supportive corporate clients, grassroots community, Brides-to-Be community, and partnering event organizers. However, the pandemic, increased competition, and how prospects find emcee, made me rethink my marketing strategy. 

Wedding Reception

Ever since a 'graduated' couple started sharing about me in private forums like 'SG Budget Brides' in 2015, the enquiries never stop. I am happy to know that I am well-liked in the community. This motivates me to continue to evolve how I host weddings, so that even when a guest sees me again, there will always be an element of surprise. 

I put in alot of effort to work with my couples to know about them, their families and guests, in attempt to make everyone feel special. My trademark is definitely my love story sharing; I present like doing  a Stand up Comedy, then share what happened during their courtship & their thoughts during that period/

A client once asked me during pre-confirmation interview, "Do you consider yourself as an influencer?". I said "Yes I am, but I'm not your usual influencer or KOL, obviously I don't a lot of followers on my social media; However, I certainly can influence your consumers/clients at your event, motivating them to experience your products & services on the spot, if not, in the near future!"  

Marketing event segment is my key revenue generator, and it has allowed me to start an event company to manage my clients and their events. You may find more at in Feel Entertainment's website,


Grassroots/Community Event, Music Event, Corporate Dining Reception Event, are some other types of event you will find me hosting. 
I also host for video production, and does voice-over too.

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Marketing Event


Hosting since 2008, with over 1100 shows to date, I've accumulated and retained numerous corporate clients. I also managed to accumulate some good reviews from my 'graduated couples, and I'm blessed to be well supported by the graduated brides in several online Brides-to-Be communities.


I received theatre drama training in school via CCAs. With team-work and hard work, my team and I received SYF Drama (JC/CI Category) Gold award in 2004.  I am currently taking up acting projects on a part time basis with national broadcaster and had appeared in various TV dramas


I am a graduate from Oceanbutterflies 5th Very Singer Course, and was awarded with Most Popular Male Trainee (voted by trainees and staffs), and Best Class award. I previously sang at wedding banquets, and had performed regularly at 7th Heaven KTV Cafe.

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